An afternoon onboard

After our morning excursion seeing some sights of Reykjavik we returned to Jupiter for lunch, which we decided to take at World Cafe after our disappointing experience at breakfast.

Lunch at The World Cafe was plenty tasty for me, a bit more challenging for my vegetarian wife. After sitting and watching other tables seat, and be waited on for drinks, I have to conclude that I’m putting out some sort of vibe that makes waiters ignore me. We again had to get up and flag someone down in order to get water.

Thinking that the ship was likely to be quiet today with so many ashore for lengthy excursions, we planned to visit the Thermal Spa, forward on Deck 2. This is a wonderful facility and no extra fee applies. We picked up robes and slippers from the changing rooms, then sample the Ice Room, Sauna, Ice Bucket, hot tub, and finally the pool with resistance jets. Perfection and very quiet.

After our time in the spa we decided to sit and read beside the main (enclosed) pool on deck 7.

We had the place to ourselves, and it’s a fine place to kick back and relax – just the right amount of warm and humid. Staff in this area were exceptionally attentive, and we were waited on almost immediately.

I’m relatively certain this was a Singapore Sling

In addition to cocktails, we were also offered complimentary sorbet. We had a very touching chat with a lovely waiter from Uganda who, at 38, was outside his country for the first time. When he first approached us to ask if we needed anything he said it made him delighted to see us – which I dismissed as a bit OTT. As we chatted with him later I understood the sincerity of his meaning; in Uganda he “only ever saw white people from a distance. I thought they were gods …. but now I see we are all gods the same!”

All-aboard time was 5:00pm, but several excursions were late returning and we didn’t push off until almost 6:30. You can see our time-lapse video of our sail away below.

Chef’s Table was perfect this evening. I’d made the reservation hoping to align nicely with sail away, and nailed it.

We were seated at table #1, the rearmost 2 top by a window. A quiet corner with a good view of the room and out the window of Reykjavik sailing by. The 4 top next to us was never occupied.

We’d had the Asian Panorama menu 2 years ago, but it still seemed fresh. At each course the vegetarian alternative for my wife was excellent, even down to how well it paired to the wine. Her alternative menu was also different from what we’d had 2 years ago, as were the wine pairings. Service was everything one could hope for, and it was a standout evening!

Pilot boat alongside as we sail out of Reykjavik, taken from our seats in Chef’s Table.

Chef’s Table is a fixed menu specialty restaurant, with no surcharge. They have been very accommodating of dietary requests.

The Trio of Desserts

After dinner we went to The Living Room for coffee and to listen to live music.

We love the mood in The Living Room, it’s always a pleasant place to sit with great service from the bar/cafe. After our coffee we braved the breeze to stroll the decks, taking advantage of the almost never ending daylight.

8:45pm, rugged landscape of Iceland off the Starboard side of the ship