Hello, and welcome.

For me the act of deciding to blog was a strange one; there’s an element of ego involved that’s a little tough to overcome. Why would anyone care to read what I write? Ultimately I decided it doesn’t matter, and that I may gain something merely from the act of committing thoughts.

I’ve been a keen amateur photographer, off and on, for over 30 years. I started with photography classes in school as an alternative to other forms of art at which I was exceptionally unexceptional. Over the years I’ve had a small darkroom, almost always mono but occasionally some Ciba printing, in most of the places I’ve lived. There have been gaps of a few years here and there, but it’s always something to which I have returned.

My day job has nothing at all to do with photography, but vacations are almost always centered around travel which provides interesting opportunities for picture taking.


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  1. I discovered your site by accident whilst idly googling the Topcon RM300. I received mine as a 21st birthday present in 1980. I knew I wanted a “real camera” but knowing nothing about cameras beyond the Instamatic 25 I already owned I left it up to my old man to choose – he bought me the RM300 and another for himself at the same time!
    It was in regular use and never let me down until about 2002 when it got dumped in a drawer, superceded by my first digital camera. I just dug it out today, mainly because I intend buying a digital SLR and plan to buy Pentax so I can use my old K mount lenses.
    Interesting that your example doesn’t have the original Topcor 55mm lens.
    Incidentally, your B&W photo at the top of this page looks very like Bennachie in Aberdeenshire…….?

    1. Sorry for the long delay – I haven’t been updating the blog in a while as real world activities took my time. Yes, the cover is of Bennachie, a favorite hike every time we’re in Moray.

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