Renovating a Scottish Flat

  • Our Flat In Scotland

    Turning bed-sits into a home The seed for the idea that grew into our place in Scotland was planted during a family holiday in […]

  • Creating a kitchen

    From Dentist surgery to kitchen It made sense to have the kitchen on the same floor as the main living room, and to have […]

  • The Front Room

    The front room, or living room, is still a work in progress. It’s been pretty usable since after the second trip in 2004, but […]

  • The Utility Room

    Our “bonus” room above the main hallway has been a spare bedroom on occasion, but right from the earliest days it’s housed our laundry. […]

  • Bathroom

    The original bathroom edged out the second floor kitchen to be “worst room in the flat”. I don’t think it had been renovated since […]

  • Hallway and Stairs

    We are fortunate that our portion of the house includes the original entrance, hallway, and stairs – they retain much original character. When we […]

  • Back Bedroom

    Initially we had used the front bedroom, but in summer months it’s pretty noisy with the cruiser traffic on Mid St, Friday and Saturday […]

  • Front Bedroom

    This room benefitted from two added walls, one for soundproofing on the wall shared with our neighbors, the other created a corridor like “lab”. […]

  • The Attic

    This room at the top of the house ties with the bathroom for most dramatic transformation. There were two small skylights, original to the […]