The Attic

This room at the top of the house ties with the bathroom for most dramatic transformation.

There were two small skylights, original to the roof I’m sure as they were iron framed and cold as anything. We had them replaced along with the windows in 2003/2004, and then did little with the attic until 2019, when we cleared it ready for more major works.

I forget where, but on some renovation show we had seen Velux Cabrio skylights, and they seemed like the perfect solution for our attic. This would open the attic up to the sky, provide us with an indor/outdor balcony, and exploit some of the best views in town.

In May of 2019 we got in touch with our favorite Joiner, Neil Donald, to discuss the project. Initially we had thought just to install the Cabrio skylight/balcony, but then I asked him to expand the project to include ripping out all the existing plasterboard, insulating, and then board and skim coat. We’d never have a better opportunity to really turn the attic into usable space! We asked Neil to get the work done in time for our next trip, planned to be April of 2020. Yeah, that didn’t hapen.

It was to be over 18 months before we would be able to return in October of 2021, and admire the magnificent views from our skylight balcony!