Pentax Spotmatic SPII


Introduced in 1971 along with the line of S-M-C Takumar lenses – though still all metal without the rubber grips found on the later models on the SP F. Compared to the original Spotmatic the film transport was improved, as was the light meter. A hotshoe was now included in addition to the standard flash connection.

Technical Details

M42 screw mount lenses support automatic diaphragm for exposure, but manual stop down is required for metering – that’s the lever to the photographers left of the lens mount. Horizontal travel, rubberized cloth shutter offering 1s to 1/1000th is as standard as they come, including flash sync at 1/60th. Metering is of the simple match needle variety through the viewfinder, which features a fixed, ground glass screen with micro-prism center circle. Compared to the prior model the ASA range is now expanded to 3200.

The Museum Sample

Acquired October 2020 through eBay for $140, this is a nice clean sample. As is common for US market Pentax cameras of this era, it’s branded as a Honeywell Pentax.

Additional Info

  • Manufacturer:Pentax
  • Year Introduced:1971
  • Year Discontinued:1976
  • Film format:35mm
  • Serial Number:5013378