Viking Orion – outdoor spaces

Quiet solitude or shared energy – you choose

Our cruise sailed with only 400 passengers on a ship designed for 930, so naturally we were rather spoiled.

Aft sun deck and infinity pool

The Aquavit Terrace (aft deck) features sun loungers and padded seating around the iconic infinity pool. This is a serene spot even underway, and the appeal is increased by proximity to the World Café, which is just forward of it and for which there are a number of dining tables.

Looking aft across the Aquavit Terrace and Infinity Pool on deck 7
World Café dining tables, aft on deck 7.

Use of this aft space is very relaxed, you’re free to bring out anything from The World Café that garbs your fancy while it’s open, and the bar just inside offers a full range of drinks. We finished lunch one day and took our wine outside to a shaded table – we were followed a few minutes later by one of the staff asking if we’d like a refill on the (included) wine that had been served with lunch.

Looking forward to the entrance to the Pool Deck

You’re free to take a glass of wine, beer, or cocktail for a stroll outside, including up to the sports deck on 8.

Sports Deck on 8, looking aft towards the pool roof (open)

The Sports Deck features shuffle board, mini golf, bowling, and a number of nicely secluded spots to seat and relax.

Seating area between artificial hedges, near the bow on deck 8
Small details abound.
The pool deck, amidships on 7, with the roof open.
Looking down at the midships pool from deck 8

The other primary outdoor space is on Deck 2, where the promenade deck circles the ship – 4 times around is a mile

Outdoor seating for The Restaurant on Deck 2

I don’t think we ever saw the outdoor restaurant seating used, probably because we had so few passengers onboard, but it’s a lovely looking spot.

Looking along the length of the ship on the Promenade, deck2